English Hill Vineyard

English Hill Vineyard grows on a hilltop in Southern Sonoma Coast American Viticulture Area (AVA).  The narrow-spaced vineyard is a mosaic of nine Pinot Noir plots, one Chardonnay and one Syrah. Overlooking Tomales and the Marin Coast Range, weather is turbulent and exposed at this site.  On summer mornings, Pacific fog engulfs the vineyard, covering the foliage with vital ocean mist.  Afternoon winds dry the canopy and deposit flecks of soil in the folds of the leaves.  Late August heat draws moisture from the ground, forming cracks in the sandy-clay loam.  Each wine from this vineyard carries a clear mark of its far coast origin.

--Clones: PN 115, PN 667, PN Calera,
   PN Vosne Romanee, PN BRC, CH Wente, SY 470
--Acres: 8.5
--Year Planted: 2005

--Elevation: 617 - 656 feet
--Distance from Pacific: 9.2 miles
--Soil: Goldridge Sandy Loam & Steinbeck Fine Sandy Loam
--Spacing/ Density: 6 x 3/ 2420

Stuller Vineyard

Stuller Vineyard grows amid redwoods, on a coastal ridge at 1,209 feet elevation, with views to the Pacific, which lies approximately 6 miles to the west. Ocean breeze and the scent of the forest underbrush drift over the two vineyard plots. The hallmark of Stuller Vineyard is a soil diversity, which led to the planting of two separate plots. Two-thirds of the vineyard is a south-facing hillside of Dijon Clone 115; this steep slope of red-hued soil produces wine with rich, deep berry flavors and dark purple coloration.  The remaining third of the vineyard is a hilltop of Dijon Clone 667. The soil in this section is well drained, creating a rocky mélange with very little organic matter.  The vines are stressed and have extremely low vigor; each produces mere ounces of fruit. 

--Clones:    PN 115, PN 667
--Acres:    6.0
--Year Planted:   2001

--Elevation:    1168 - 1263 feet
--Distance from Pacific:   5.8 miles
--Soil:   Yorkville Clay Loam, Josephine Clay Loam --Spacing/ Density:   8 x 6/ 907.5

Taylor Ridge Vineyard

Taylor Ridge Vineyard grows on a wooded bluff, approximately 5 miles from the pacific ocean.  Its sandy loam soil derives nutrients from the prehistoric Wilson Grove Sea, a marine embayment that once covered parts of west Sonoma County, and over millennia, rose to 915 feet elevation, where the vineyard sits today.  During the growing season, cool fog from Tomales and Bodega Bays engulfs the vineyard—a climate that slows nutrient uptake by the vines and ripens fruit at a measured, unhurried rate.  We attribute the vibrant and complex Taylor Ridge wines to this unique terrain.

--Clones:   PN Swan, CH Wente
--Acres:    4.9
--Year Planted:    2000

--Elevation:    880 -941 feet
--Distance from Pacific:    4.8miles
--Soil:    Goldridge Sandy Loam
--Spacing/Density:    8 x 5/ 1089